Department of Fine Arts, University of Jaffna is one of the pioneer academic entities in Sri Lanka that offers unique bachelor degree courses in Art History and provides research guidance at the PhD and MPhil levels. The department came in to existence in the 1980s with the revitalization of the local art scene and has since then been an active site for artistic exchanges and critical studies in art in the country.


Art History

Visual images play a major role in constructing the mundane experiences of today’s world. Art History is a discipline that relies on the visual as both a means and a subject of inquiry. It seeks to understand how art has been a profound and persistent human impulse. Art History explores the history of making, viewing, and experiencing painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture.

The Art History program at University of Jaffna, while being responsive to the disciplinary changes that have occurred globally, has actively engaged with the study of local visual culture as well as the traditional and contemporary art practices of the region. The present study program explores the cultural politics of visual art in the histories of European, American and Asian civilizations.